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Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
The Alarm Consulting Group, Inc. was founded by Kurt W. Becker, an industry veteran with over 28 years of operations experience.

The company provides consulting services to security companies across the country in areas such as licensing and compliance, operation efficiency, field operations management, software design and implementation, finance, exit planning, process improvement and project management.

Kurt W. Becker - Founder & President/CEO
Kurt W. Becker The Alarm Consulting Group, Inc was founded by Kurt W. Becker, a seasoned security industry veteran with over 28 years of industry experience in a broad range of disciplines. Most recently, Mr. Becker was the Vice President of Operations at Security Networks. As a member of the senior management team, he was involved is all areas of the business with primary areas of responsibility field and branch operations, tech support, dispatch, licensing/compliance, central station operations and infrastructure design / implementation. He also led efforts in product development and information technology, which included software design and implementation.

Mr. Becker’s efforts at Security Networks were a key factor in the successful sale of the company in 2013 at one of the highest valuations on record. Through his Alarm Consulting Group, Mr. Becker can now help you achieve your operational goals in order to maximize the enterprise value of your business. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Licensing & Compliance: Mr. Becker holds numerous alarm licenses across the country and understands the process for obtaining and maintaining these licenses through the various state agencies.
  • Software Design & Implementation: Mr. Becker was instrumental in the development and implementation of software that integrated two separate CRM’s and allowed affiliates to more efficiently onboard accounts.
  • Process Improvement: Mr. Becker has the ability to review current process, map them out and make recommendations for process improvement.
  • Quality Assurance Program Development & Implementation: Mr. Becker was responsible for development and implementation of one of the most comprehensive QA programs for his field service team in the industry.
  • Project Management: This is an area that virtually all companies struggle. Day to day operations make it difficult to undertake new directives/projects. Mr. Becker has the unique ability to manage day to day operations yet thrives on the challenge of new projects.
  • Product Development: With his comprehensive technical background, Mr. Becker has developed relationships with various manufacturers and worked closely with the engineers at companies including, 2Gig, ipDatatel and Honeywell.
Through the Alarm Consulting Group, Mr. Becker can help you identify and achieve your goals within your business.
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.