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Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
"I want to acknowledge Kurt Becker for being a great human being. This above any other reason is why you want Kurt to be a part of your team. He is the genuine, honest, kind, and loyal and he will improve your team dynamics, guaranteed.

And yes, it is also true that Kurt Becker recently completed a project where he coordinated with dozens of sub-contractor groups to successfully execute 3G panel upgrades for 50,000 of our valued customers in under 16 months.

But the part about being a great human, that’s the secret sauce."
Nick B. Thomas
Chief Operating Officer
Ackerman Security
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
"Kurt Becker joined Security Networks as General Manager of our Charlotte office back in 2004 where he quickly demonstrated that he was an executive with unique business skills and an amazing attitude and work ethic. These attributes allowed Kurt to rise quickly through the ranks of the company where he soon became Vice President of Operations. Under Kurt’s leadership, along with his fellow senior executives, Security Networks became one of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in the security alarm industry, and was ultimately sold at one of the highest valuations on record. Kurt is particularly strong in the areas of product development and information technology, and he is also a people person who knows how to build an organization and get the most out of his resources. I am confident that Kurt will add value to any company that utilizes his skills."
Richard W. Perry
Perry Companies, Inc.
founder and former CEO for Security Networks
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
"I have known and worked with Kurt Becker for a number of years in the alarm industry, and have witnessed the significant contribution he has made across a number of operational areas. Kurt is rare in having the strategic understanding of what is required to grow and run a successful alarm enterprise, but can also execute at the tactical level, where the details really matter.

I can also attest to Kurt’s work ethic and sense of urgency. Kurt has built a reputation for results, and for getting it right the first time – because he knows what it takes to accomplish the mission. He also works extremely well both in a highly structured situation, as well as in environments where more personal initiative is needed. Lastly – and this is perhaps his most important attribute – I trust Kurt implicitly to do the right thing.

All this may sound like high praise – and it is! That’s because Kurt is truly a seasoned alarm professional, for whom I have tremendous respect. I believe he will be asset to any organization smart enough to retain his services."
Peter Rogers
Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
FrontPoint Security
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
"Alarm Services Group has been a top dealer in the Security Networks dealer program since October 2008. During our time as an affiliate with Security Networks we have had the pleasure with working with some of the Top Professionals in the industry. One such individual being Mr.Kurt Becker. Mr. Becker has proven to be extremely knowledgeable in running a very effective program. He knows what it takes to be successful in the industry and implements the procedures in a fair and effective manner. We have always found Mr. Becker to be accessible and easy to work with, although we haven't always gotten our way, he has always had and been willing to explain his reasons for making the decisions he has made. He has proven to be effective in helping us grow our company in a manner that has allowed all parties to be profitable and prosperous. We have enjoyed our time working as partners with Mr. Becker and everyone on the Security Networks team."
Thomas P. Brady
Alarm Services Group
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
“I always admired the Security Network’s team and we worked closely with them as a peer company. We had similar approaches to doing business and taking care of customers, so over the years, we got to know Kurt Becker and the value that he brought to his organization. Kurt knows the industry and how it works and how to build an operation that truly supports growth, which is difficult to do in this industry and particularly so with Security Network’s rapid growth. Kurt is a detailed, hardworking individual, who knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to service and operations in our industry. Kurt not only knows how to successfully manage and grow an operation, but he is someone that one can trust implicitly to do the right thing and ask the right questions.”
Amy V. Kothari
President & CEO
Alarm Capital Alliance
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
“Kurt is hands on and one of the best at evaluating industry products. Very knowledgeable and experience in the security space with products and operations. Kurt helped built a wonderful company at Security Networks.”
Lance Dean
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
“Kurt has a unique skill set that combines operational prowess, with a straight talk, can do attitude. His work ethic is no doubt tied to his W. PA roots. I have relied on Kurt more than once for outstanding counsel. Kurt is also a well know security professional with a proven track record. He has been a key contributor to Security Networks success, as well as the industries “go to” person on operational issues.”
Nate Natale
VP of Sales
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.
“Kurt is trusted by many and a valuable resource to support a company’s journey with elevated operations, licensing and compliance. He has extensive experience and a track record of building companies that win. He excels at getting in the trenches to focus on where the value-add is needed and how to achieve results. He is always humble to share his crown of knowledge and experience, appreciate all he continues to do for the industry and his customers.”
Doug Marshall
National Account Manager
Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.